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Lindsay "Bones" Cordero and ICONI CEO Angel Johnson initially started out as intense rivals. Both were 2nd Lieutenants in the Air Force when they first met, and they competed with one another in an environment where opportunities for achievement appeared scarce. Over time Bones and Angel realized they were fighting not against one another, but against tokenism.


Both women decided to upend the rules of competition and instead cooperate, realizing collaboration was the best way to create opportunities outside of established systems. The BONES X ICONI collaboration brings to you a collection launch of artwork and athleticwear in that same spirit. 

The theme of this collection combining Bones' artwork on Angel's athleticwear is "My Body is Art." Fitness is an incredibly personal journey, and our bodies carry us through life as we weather sickness, loss and grief. But they also carry us through joy, achievement, and love. Our bodies are the vessels of our journey here on this planet. And no matter what kind of body one may have or where you are on YOUR journey of health and fitness, you are one of your greatest works in life.

Your body is Art. YOU, are Art.

From Rivalry to Collaboration

BONES X ICONI  "My Body Is Art" 


How did we pick colors?

When Angel and I discussed color palettes, we decided to go with two separate color combinations. The first was a very mod primary color palette of red, blue and yellow. The second was a wild combination of fluorescent orange, green, and pink. I layered these on canvases I pre-painted with black and white backgrounds, and Angel selected the black backgrounds specifically for the collection.